prof. dr. ferit demirkan, aesthetic, plastic & reconstructive surgeon
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Liposculpture Courses

Basıc Level

March 14-17, 2024

Istanbul, Turkey

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Exciting Days

Welcome to the Liposculpture - Hands on Workshop 2024

This course is designed for plastic surgeons:

The course will be held with only 8 participants to provide a custom-tailored and one-on-one training opportunity. Our goal is to equip plastic surgeons with the expertise needed for excellence in liposuction and the highest standards of patient care.


14 - 17 March, 2024


Acıbadem Ataşehir Hospital, Istanbul, Turkey


Prof. Dr. Ferit Demirkan / Plastic Surgeon


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A Participant-Oriented Surgical Education Program

All registrered participants will receive a survey prior to the course in which they can express their educational needs. The final course program will be adapted to the needs of the participating surgeons. The interactive nature of the theoretical training will make it possible to ask all the questions in mind and also learn from the other participants’s experience. The limited number of participants will allow maximum hands on experience during the live surgeries.




Live Surgeries

Interactive Learning in Live Surgical Training

During live surgeries, you will have the opportunity for maximum hands-on practice which will allow you to reinforce the theoretical training you received in our course.

Liposuction to the Upper Body

Lazer lipo of neck, face and upper arms

Torso Liposuction

Vazer lipo of the back an hips with gluteal fat injection

Liposuction for Men

High-Definition Liposuction

Liposuction & Techniques

Liposuction of trunk and legs with energy based devices

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Theoretical Training

This course offers an intensive and comprehensive 2 day theoretical training. Here, you'll gain knowledge ranging from fundamental concepts to advanced techniques.

Live Surgery Experience

The course provides the opportunity to participate in 4 live surgeries, enhancing your theoretical knowledge with hands-on practice on actual patients.

One-on-One Interaction

With a maximum of 8 participants, this course offers almost private lesson quality, ensuring personalized attention.

Great Educator

Prof. Dr. Ferit Demirkan brings over 25 years of experience, thousands of successful operations, and more than 100 publications, making this course exceptional.

Mentorship Support

After the course completion, you will have access to a platform where you can consult and receive continuous support under the mentorship of Prof. Dr. Ferit Demirkan.

Access to Materials

Gain access to all educationals materials and surgical videos used during the course, allowing you to review and consolidate your learning at your own pace.

Course Program


Basıc Level

Scientific Program

At the end of this course, an applicant will be able to:


    1. Select the proper candidate for liposuction
    2. Decide which type of liposuction will be necessary for an individual patient
    3. Perform basic liposuction with suction assissted lipectomy
    4. Arrange fluid requirements of patients according to the suction volume
    5. Avoid common pitfalls in liposuction procedure
    6. Apply safety precautions to minimize complications
    7. Give necessary advices to patients after the procedure
Warm -up and Program introduction Dr. Demirkan

Prof.Dr. Ferit Demirkan

Fat metabolism, fat distribution and body types

Prof.Dr. Ferit Demirkan

Patient Selection

Prof.Dr. Ferit Demirkan

Evolution of liposuction techniques

Prof.Dr. Ferit Demirkan

Forgiving and risky areas for liposuction according to the application sites

Prof.Dr. Ferit Demirkan